CashPay is a noble project!

Each of us can become a participant in good deeds. Donations are the easiest way to help those in need and support the work of charitable foundations. Thank you for your understanding and your responsiveness!

Good by your own hands!

The charitable Internet Foundation unites the efforts of users in different countries. The CashPay project — as far as possible, gives happiness and helps people. Even a small donation can help to do good deeds, save people's lives. There are no small donations. The very desire to help is significant. Join us and together we will help.

Digital money is the most modern currency and therefore the most modern way to help.
Disease knows no bounds, but so does your help...
Cryptocurrency, digital money, blockchain - we are open to all who keep up with the times and who are comfortable helping those in need in this way.
Here you can transfer funds to the project fund, as well as to partner charitable foundations.
If a child dies because medicine is powerless, it is a tragedy. But when a child dies because there is not enough money for treatment, it is a moral disaster for society.
FatyGroup ­

The purpose of the foundation: to help adults over the age of 18 with cancer of the blood system. The aim of the foundation is to change society's attitude towards adult patients and such a difficult diagnosis as cancer. Not everyone knows that you cannot catch cancer from a sick person, that cancer can be cured at any age and that adults can be helped.

The «Help Save a Life» Charity Fund is a fund to help children, orphans and children with serious illnesses.
The foundation is engaged in charitable activities aimed at comprehensive support of children, including orphans, as well as children left without parental care, large foster families, children with disabilities and various serious illnesses.
Become a friend of the project or a volunteer, take part in the good deeds ecosystem, and much more.
All that we do for ourselves - goes away with us, all that we do for others - remains to live forever!
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