Position of Token CashPay project

The position of "Token CashPay" project is to arouse in people a desire to become participants of charity projects. We do not build our activity on sad stories, we do not try to put pressure on pity. We strive to attract funds as positive as possible and believe that good deeds should be done with a smile on your face and a good mood. It is important to make sure that everyone, regardless of their financial status and age, has the opportunity to help.

Donors will donate cryptocurrency to those in need, who can then choose to keep the funds or exchange them for traditional money.

Although CashPay's first donations will be used in part to cover transaction costs in the future, the fund will be structured so that donors donate 100% of their funds directly to those in need.

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Give the gift of crypto to help people in need around the world.
We currently accept:
ETH | TCP | ERC-20: 0x1439E2724EdC40309C93cb81877870A67b30B819
BTC: 17MXUcfsfSf4zVmexkjfAKDoJACPYQBeF1
TRX (TRC20): TJrRkSt9tdCVh382ZTgT1QtzFGtiMbg7HE
If a child dies because medicine is powerless, it is a tragedy. But when a child dies because there is not enough money for treatment, it is a moral disaster for society.
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The "Help Save a Life" Charity Fund for seriously ill children is a non-profit organization that provides targeted assistance to children with serious illnesses, aid to medical institutions, social support and assistance to orphanages.
We are donors to them.

"Give Life" Charitable Foundation to help children with oncohematological and other serious diseases.
Foundation's tasks
- raising funds for treatment and rehabilitation of children with cancer and hematological diseases;
- assistance to oncological and hematological clinics where children and young adults are treated;
- drawing public attention to the problems of sick children;
- promotion of donated blood donations;
- providing social and psychological assistance to sick children;
- facilitating the work of volunteer groups at children's oncohematological clinics.
We are donors to them.

We created a project for people, investing in human capital. Civic responsibility and tolerance of everyone will help someone to have a future. We will be grateful for any support.Would you like to support them? You can do it in different ways on our official website. If necessary, you can contact us using the contact information.Do good! Your social investment is very important to many people. Any amount of donations will bring hope to people in need! We exist by raising funds from our partner donors. Become one of them!

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