The charity Foundation «Lifeline» was created to help children under the age of 18 (inclusive) from diseases that modern medicine can cope with.

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Charitable Foundation «Color Planet» - young, but already proven reliable organization. The Foundation cooperates only with proven partners because it values the reputation and trust of its benefactors and wards. Charitable Foundation «Color Planet» is an honest and competent mediator between adults who want to help and children in need of support. The Foundation not only collects money for treatment and development of those whose fate depends on financial assistance, but also seeks to participate in the lives of people who apply to them, monitors the progress of treatment, the achievements of the wards, and supports their parents.

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Charity Fund for children with oncohematological and other serious diseases "Give Life".

Objectives of the Foundation

- fundraising for treatment and rehabilitation of children with cancer and hematological diseases;

- assistance to cancer and Hematology clinics where children and young adults are treated;

- attracting public attention to the problems of sick children; promotion of free blood donation;

- providing social and psychological assistance to sick children;

- assistance to the work of volunteer groups at children's oncohematological clinics.

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Donation to TCP is a help for seriously ill children

Anyone can make a donation with our TCP tokens.

The resulting TCP tokens will accumulate on a separate wallet.

All accumulated TCP tokens will be exchanged and funds will be transferred to funds.

Report on the transfer of funds, will be published on this site.

By making a donation in tokens you create a need for a coin in the crypto market and also help seriously ill children to keep the value of TCP tokens.

By buying tokens for donation you automatically create demand and demand gives birth to supply.

With the help of the moneybox, token funds for seriously ill children can get more money in the Fiat because of the growing trend of TCP token that creates a community.

Public availability of the piggy bank here: 0xED02A9b45EF5494aDE1c76baFF32dE1f4b75651D

If a child dies because medicine is powerless, it is a tragedy. But when a child dies because there is not enough money for treatment, it is a moral disaster for society.

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