INFO Token CashPay

Total coin issue 1,000,000 TCP

  • Command 10% (100000 TCP)
  • Community & Marketing 10% (100,000 TCP)
  • Reserve Fund 10% (100,000 TCP)
  • Token Sale 40% (400000 TCP)
  • On Airdrop 30% (300000 TCP)
AirDrop on Crex24 - 1475 TCP all distributed.
AirDrop on Naijacrypto - 30000 TCP all distributed.
AirDrop on Likki - 210000 TCP waiting.
The remaining 58525 TCP will be distributed on other exchanges.
P.S. 0.45 btc and 10000 TCP funds from the ukarala Folgory exchange project.

Token CashPay conducts an Airdrop on the Lukki exchange.

The Token CashPay development project plans to distribute 210000 TCP to users, which currently amounts to about $15,000.
The Token CashPay project is an unusual experimental social project that is aimed at charitable purposes.
It is also very important for the project to create an investment environment that is necessary for the further development of the project and the implementation of ideas.
In order to participate in AirDrop TCP, you need to take several mandatory steps to participate in the distribution:
✅ Register:
✅ Fill out the Airdrop form:
The program will last until November 16, 2020, after which the Token CashPay team will evaluate its effectiveness and continue working in this direction.
"The ability to wait is important for an investor, but many people just can't stand waiting. If you can't put off the pleasure for later, you will have to work very hard to overcome this disadvantage."
Charlie Munger
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