About the project
CashPay & Liza Coin project was created on May 25, 2020.
CashPay & Liza Coin is a social project with a marketing concept and charitable environment.
On January 3, 2022, the standard token Liza Coin (LZC) on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) was launched, which extends the functionality of metamarketing, promoters, advertisers, communities, investors, etc.
The standard token Liza Coin (LZC) on Balance Smart Chain (BEP-20) was created for this purpose, which extends the functionality of metamarketing, promoters, advertisers, community, investors, etc.
The goal of the project is to extend the implementation of marketing development based on honesty, transparency and independence. LZC token is not tied to securities, precious metals, fiat, etc. Participant of the meta-marketing movement, must keep LZC tokens in his wallet (more tokens increases the chance) to get an advantage, a bonus, prizes, etc.
We don't form an accumulation "bubble" like HYIPs and pyramids. Use Liza Coin (LZC) token for investing, storing, making profit, advertising, etc.
A limited number of Liza Coin (LZC) tokens are issued, total coin issue is 100,000 LZC.
  • The roadmap has 3 stages of development (deadlines are subject to change)
  • Verification - BSC
  • KYC - ART
  • Audit - ART
  • Whitepaper - WP
Liza Coin (LZC) token is needed for fundraising, which will be used for liquidity, marketing, listing on DEX and CEX exchanges, investment programs (farming, etc.).
Crowdfunding (DEX) will be held separately to raise funds for the platform, which will open up additional opportunities to use the token on the platform under the new domain.
Briefly about the new metamarketing platform:
1. Voting, ratings, etc.
2. Gaming slot with a prize pool between participants.
3. Farming, etc.
4. Paid services.
5. Incentives, bonuses, etc.
6. Contests and other opportunities for platform users.
With the opening of the platform will be open recruitment of members to the team (free schedule).
The project includes a private token sale, a public token sale, AirDrop, IEO, IDO, LaunchPad, etc.
P.S. CashPay & Liza Coiproject has a small fund for good deeds.
Donors can safely send their funds for needy people, children. Send us information about sending funds, and specify for what purposes.
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Social marketing is an effective tool that is often used in charity and business and works to promote the brand in conjunction with social values!