Liza Coin & LauncBar WEB 3.0 platform

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The Liza Coin Project

Обработка видео...

LaunchBar WEB 3.0
Add Coins and Voting (free)
Buy $LZC / Withdraw $LZC
Use the MetaMask wallet to login
(Investment Box, Steaking, Surfing, Hippodrome...)

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Brand payments on the platform can be made in $LZC, $BNB. Agents of influence, all get paid in $LZC, which increases token stability.


LizaCoin ­(LZC)

January 3, 2022

Phase 1

Create and verify a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Pass KYC and Audit. Registration for Liza Coin (LZC) token voting sites. Airdrop and Marketing program. Pre-sale preparation, marketing. Pre-sale preparation. IDO/IEO Private sale & Presale. Listing on DEX & CEX. Continue to attract and develop partnerships.

Phase 2

Launch WEB 3.0 platform (VIP services, voting and coin rating, advertising, entertainment section "Hippodrome", Steaking and Invest Box, Surfing, LaunchPad). Marketing and listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Phase 3­

Creation of a strong community. Advanced marketing and promotion. New listings on DEX exchanges. New listings on CEX exchanges. Long-term investments and other pleasant surprises for project participants.

Phase 3­.0

The LZCbot AI and AppStore and GooglePlay apps are planned as part of the completion of PawMap Phase 3.


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We are developing all the time and we invite you to develop with us. Meet and become a part of our ecosystem.