Project Token CashPay

Token CashPay® is a social project aimed at charitable purposes.


Leukemia Foundation

Helping adult patients over the age of 18 with cancer of the blood system.

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Charity Foundation

The «Help Save a Life» Charity Fund is a fund to help children, orphans and children with serious illnesses.

Charity project "Ecosystem of Kindness"

TCP Coin is a universal financial instrument with charitable purposes.

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Becoming a sponsor, a donor, a volunteer today - you are saving someone's life tomorrow!

CashPay is a noble project!

Token CashPay's position is to awaken people's desire to become participants in a charitable project. The Charity section lists ways to donate. Donations are possible both for the development of the project and to help children. Thank you very much for your help, for your understanding and your responsiveness!

Good by your own hands!

The online charity fund unites the efforts of Internet users in different countries. Token CashPay's mission is to give happiness and help foundations. Even a small donation can save lives. No donation is small. It is the desire to help that counts. Join CashPay Charity and together we will help those in need.

Targeted help 
Sologub Vladimir - 11 months, Krasnodar, Russia.
Diagnosis: Type 1 SMA (spinal muscular atrophy)
It is necessary to collect $2,274,031,000.
How to help?
For Russians, the company -
For Foreigners, the company -
We are glad to see you as:
our help
crypto philanthropy
The Charitable Foundation (BCF) is one of the prime examples of crypto-philanthropy. BCF is a non-profit organization that aims to transform philanthropy through a decentralized social project aimed at charitable causes. The project's own TCP token can be used by donors around the world as a donation to be used on an equal basis with other coins.
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All that we do for ourselves goes with us, all that we do for others stays forever!

Sincerely Dmitry!
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