The Project Token CashPay

Token CashPay® - this is a social project aimed at charitable purposes. 

Token CashPay fair currency

TCP is access for any company or individual and not only.

The TCP coin is a universal trading, payment and investment tool.

CashPay is a noble project!

The Internet Charity Fund brings together the efforts of Internet users in different countries to collect and distribute targeted donations for acute and urgent social and medical needs (surgeries, expensive treatment courses, assistance to children's and medical institutions) as efficiently as possible.

Creating a token value!

Token CashPay (TCP) is an unusual project. And we are ready to show the importance of a high-quality community for a project related to the crypto world. The idea of the project is to create not only the value but also the importance of the token, through fair distribution, among active members of the community who care about the project and contribute to the development of the project. Together, we will achieve this goal by creating several mechanisms and installing various options for using the Token CashPay (TCP).

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