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Token CashPay® is a social project aimed at charitable purposes.


Token CashPay universal coin

TCP is access for any company or individual and not only.

The TCP coin is a universal financial instrument for charitable purposes.

CashPay is a noble project!

You can donate to CashPay Charity:

ETH (ERC-20): 0x1439E2724EdC40309C93cb81877870A67b30B819


BTC: 17MXUcfsfSf4zVmexkjfAKDoJACPYQBeF1

TRX (TRC20): TJrRkSt9tdCVh382ZTgT1QtzFGtiMbg7HE

Good by your own hands!

The Internet Charity Fund unites the efforts of Internet users in different countries. The mission of the charity project "Token CashPay" is to give happiness to seriously ill children and joy to their parents. Even a small donation can save lives. There are no small donations. The very desire to help is important. Join CashPay Charity and together we will help those in need.

They need your help!
Ilya Kokarev
Age: 5 months
Russia: Krasnodar
Diagnosis: SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy) type 1
The required amount: 150 343 750 rubles ($2 121 500)
Dear benefactors!
Ilya lives with a diagnosis of SMA, a rare genetic disease that deprives a child of the ability to crawl and walk, move his arms, head and neck, as well as breathe and swallow; as a result, all muscles atrophy and only the heart works. Then it stops, too.
Ilyusha can be helped by the only medicine in the world - a shot of Zolgensma. The drug, which was developed by American scientists and appeared on the world market only recently. It costs $2,121,500 (150,343,750 roubles). It is the most expensive medicine in the world. It restores the broken gene, stops the development of the disease, and restores motor functions.
We cannot let the child die when there is a cure!
We really hope for your help and support!.
Help Tase (FIAT) instructions on the Fund's website "Help Save a Life"
CashPay project accepts cryptocurrency donations.
If you have any questions, contact us at
Olga Pugacheva
Age: 6 months
Russia Orenburg
Diagnosis: Developmental abnormality of the right lower extremity. Proximal end aplosion of the right femur. Dysplasia of the right hip joint.
Required amount: 23,372,800 rubles
Dear benefactors!
Successful surgeries for this rare congenital pathology are performed at St. Mary's Medical Center, Florida, USA. World famous orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dror Paley gives a 100% guarantee that Olga will not only walk, run, jump, but also dance!
The cost of this surgery for Olya is expensive - $320,000 (23,372,800 rubles). This money is the only way for the little girl to have a full, healthy childhood, and for her parents this amount of money is unaffordable.
Olga is at risk of being immobile forever, not even taking her first step, and we all need to help and raise funds for the child's treatment.
Any donation you make is priceless!
Helping a Child: (FIAT) instructions on the foundation's website "Help Save a Life"
Project CashPay accepts donations in cryptocurrency.
If you have any questions, contact us at
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crypto philanthropy
The CashPay Charitable Foundation (BCF) is one of the prime examples of crypto-philanthropy. BCF is a non-profit organization that aims to transform philanthropy through a decentralized social project aimed at charitable causes. The project's own TCP token can be used by donors around the world as a donation to be used on an equal basis with other coins. You can find the necessary information about charities that have been proven over time and with integrity in the section "Charity".
We currently accept: ETH (ERC-20), TCP, BTC, DOGE, TRX (TRC20)
We continue to provide assistance to seriously ill children, as far as possible from our side. For which we are thanked by charitable foundations.
Together we will do more

All that we do for ourselves goes with us, all that we do for others stays forever!

Sincerely Dmitry!
Our CashPay project is a non-commercial donor's charity fund and is aimed at developing its own token, which in the future will become a valuable asset in the charitable environment. CashPay Charity project is an effective interaction between beneficiaries and philanthropists! It does not matter what country you live in, because in order to achieve charitable goals, the most important thing is to have a heart and a will to do good. By joining together we can make this world a better place! For us your trust is the highest value!
A cryptocurrency charity in the era of digital industry is rare and are inherently donors. Like many projects, we need all kinds of support from the community, companies, sponsors and investors who are willing to cooperate with us, help develop the project and help those in need.
In the project, donors are the backbone of donations and any financial help will help those in need.
We are ready to help, first of all, the funds that provide assistance to seriously ill children.
I appeal to the representatives of stock exchanges, companies, projects and other Internet sites. Treat our mission with respect and understanding, your actions depend on timely help to children and other people in need.
On our appeal to you do the noble deed, show respect and support the project. Together we will do more good deeds and we will be appreciated.
Thank you for understanding! Peace and goodness to all!
Regards Dmitriy!
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