Liza Coin is a universal financial instrument that is used for investments, holdings, payments on the platform and has a fixed issue.

The LZC token is built on the BSC network with zero taxation.

Who's on the team?

📌 The CashPay project team remains anonymous, with KYC passed, and the LZC token is audited to ensure maximum security.

📌 Thanks to blockchain, investors and the community have complete freedom to see all the transactions that take place within the project, as well as in the case of marketing and other manipulations aimed at the development and promotion of the project. And here an important role is played by the team at all stages of development, whether it is a marketer or a programmer, all have the same goal, to bring the project to the highest level and move to the moon.

📌 The team is always ready for a dialogue with investors, sponsors, strategic partners, etc., because any mutual cooperation increases the prospects of projects.

📌 Our job is to be honest, open to the community. The reputation and trust of the community is paramount to the team.

Why LZC?

📌 KYC, AUDIT & LZC verification at BSC

📌 Tax 0/0%

📌 Real-time token redemption

📌 High APR rate

📌 Betting LZC

📌 Extensive partnerships and marketing relationships

📌 Experienced team and consultants

📌 Solid and growing community

📌 Own WEB3.0 platform

The CashPay team 
Founder & CEO
WEB Designer
Liza Marketing Manager

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