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What is a Token?

Token — it is a unit of account that is not a crypto currency, intended to represent the digital balance in some asset, in other words, it serves as a "substitute for securities" in the digital world. They can simultaneously represent the following and have the following characteristics:
  • Have purchasing power – they can be used to buy services and services.
  • Perform the role of a currency in a closed ecosystem.
  • Be an indicator of the shareholder's share in some "enterprise".
  • A significant indicator of something (the number of available gigabytes to download).
  • A form of remuneration for certain actions.
In other words, the token can simultaneously be used as a reward tool in some game, as well as be a unit of account.

What are we doing?

The team is engaged in active work and implementation of the conceived idea. The best solutions for the team are a positive end result. We wanted to improve your financial condition and for this purpose created this project, bringing to life our most recent ideas. We like to make people's lives better, because your success is our success. The main task of the team is to work with charitable foundations.

Goals and objectives?

CashPay is a Community of token holders, which does not belong to any legal entity, thus avoiding centralization of power.
Therefore, the project team and partners, like all other members of the Community, are the holders. In legal sense, CashPay is a simple partnership of project participants.
We focus on the business application of blockcheck technology on the Ethereum platform, rather than on the development of a new technology that is known in the market and meets our requirements for transaction speed, security and other requirements.
We are considering a potential token output on crypto exchanges and other platforms, creating token value.
Token CashPay is a fair and transparent project with great prospects and good intentions.
You are sure to find a reliable and profitable investment, becoming our partner.
Investors can enjoy transparent opportunities.
Traders can enjoy trading. Partnership agreement is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to become a participant of the project.

What is the token?

The TCP token complies with the ERC 20 standard, which makes it publicly available, verifiable, unadulterated, and contains the mechanisms necessary for moderation.
Our token is not a security, it is not linked to the dollar, it is not linked to the platform.
The TCP token is a universal tool and can be used in any area of the crypto industry.
According to the" price Agreement", the value of each TCP coin must be equal to or higher than the value of 1$. When entering the market, the price may change depending on supply and demand.
You can use wallets from MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, etc. that support Ethereum for storage.
We provide a token planting program.

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