Liza Coin token is a universal financial instrument that is used for investments, holdings, payments for paid services on the platform and has a fixed issue.

LaunchBar is a WEB 3.0 platform (with marketing) with market function for Influencers, promoters, and can also be used by any user, project and coin owner, investor, holder, etc.

A radically decentralized ecosystem, suitable for any brand and automating its advertising campaigns in minutes. Profitable in price, profitable in time. A user-friendly personal account.

LaunchBar WEB 3.0 interface allows you to run fully automated ad campaigns using AI, machine learning and blockchain - technology, without modoation, as well as listing and voting cryptocurrencies - explore, find growing cryptocurrencies. Track the latest NFT, MEME, DEFI and other coins.

The team

The founders of the project are experienced professionals in the fields of IT, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and marketing. The team of participants, also includes managers, developers, designers and marketers, etc.

Working Mechanism

1. Brand can make payments in BNB. Because of the payment mechanism at the core of the platform, BNB will be converted to $LZC. For the same reasons, Influencers, promoters and other participants receive payments only in $LZC, which increases the stability of LizaCoin token.

2. Burning and changing the emission of tokens $LZC, is not provided, as the emission is limited to 100,000 LZC. The roadmap calls for three stages of $LZC token development. Information about TOKENOMICS

3. LaunchBar leaves 12% of tokens for marketing purposes c - PROVIDED 1 YEAR (1% every month). A small portion will be allocated 5% to operating costs (USE ONLY). All users, Influencers, and Promoters will receive payments in $LZC automatically to their balance to promote the platform and LizaCoin token, ensuring stable promotion of the platform and token. In addition, this approach will open up the possibility of creating a fully automated, decentralized and self-sufficient new generation platform.

4. Passive income comes by way of affiliate links, Staking, Surfing. Influencers will be able to freeze their $LZC tokens for 15 days, 30 days, 6 and 9 monthson the platform. Even if the price of a token drops, users, Influencers, and Promoters will receive passive rewards. Moreover, staking creates a mechanism for holding without impulse selling of token, just in case the price of token falls one day.

5. In the future, the launch of Hippodrom will give everyone the opportunity to participate in daily bets to win a prize of up to 90% of the entire prize pool in $LZC token. As an additional option, also in the management model will be added Launch+, thanks to this option holders, investors and other users of the platform will be able to participate in stratapas, raffling among the active participants of the various awards, such as NFT, MEM, Defi, GameFi, etc.

6. For the purchase and withdrawal of token $LZC is charged a fee established by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. For all other financial transactions within the LaunchBar platform, there is no fee.

7. Use your 🦊 MetaMask wallet to access the platform in your personal cabinet. Other wallets will be connected soon.

P.S. The project algorithm is built on the principle of cyclicity and when demand exceeds supply, there is a partial redemption of tokens $ LZC to return to the balance LaunchBar platform, when reaching a balance of less than 5% (5000 LZC) of the total issue of tokens (100,000 LZC).

The CashPay team 
Founder & CEO
WEB Designer
Liza Marketing Manager

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