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MetaMarketing Affiliate
The MetaMarketing Affiliate Program (PMP) is aimed at attracting Influencers, promoters, as well as anyone who has a blog, social networks, groups, websites, etc. MetaMarketing events give participants a chance to become a team member, a promoter and to get a bonus.
What needs to be done:
1. Post information about the CashPay & LizaCoin project on websites, blogs, or on social media pages Twitter, Linkedin, Discord, Weibo, Telegram, YouTube, etc.
2. Share and invite acquaintances, friends, etc.
3. About your participation in PMM, send us a request via feedback, or e-mail
30 LZC for metamarketing: the project site, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Linkedin etc.
$LZC must be stored in your wallet.
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