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MetaMarketing Affiliate
The MetaMarketing Partner program (PMM) is aimed at attracting promoters, as well as anyone who has a blog, social networks, groups, websites, etc. These events allow a participant of the MetaMarketing program to get a chance to become a member of the team, a promoter, and also receive a bonus.
What needs to be done:
1. Post information about the CashPay & LizaCoin project on websites, blogs, or on social media pages Twitter, Linkedin, Discord, Weibo, Telegram, YouTube, etc.
2. Share and invite acquaintances, friends, etc.
3. Send us a message about your participation in the PM, via feedback, or by email
Attention!!! The participants of the MetaMarketing partner program will be checked by the team, and according to the results of your activity, you will have the opportunity to become a member of the project team.
High competition, falling customer demand, high levels of customer churn. What to do and how to develop business?
Our offering is Meta Alliance (MA).
The Meta Alliance program is aimed at partner mergers with crypto platforms, companies, projects, firms of any form of ownership and activity.
The task of affiliate Meta Alliance held on mutually beneficial terms:
- placing banner, logo and direct links on their sites,
- placement in social networks, publications and articles, repost and share posts,
- placement of the LZC token in investment programs, as well as the listing of the LZC token.
To enter into an agreement, a crypto-agent or owner of sites, companies, projects or firms should send his proposal through the "Feedback" form, -
P.S. The Meta Alliance program is an opportunity to get hundreds or even thousands of visitors from other web resources to your website and increase the sales of your products by several times. And the best part is, you pay nothing, while others attract traffic for you!
Promo materials:

Order a commercial

Cost 30 LZC for additional marketing on:
Project website - as well as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Linkedin.
Conditions: Liza Coin tokens ($LZC) for paid advertising are stored in your wallet.
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