Stage of development

The project started on may 25, 2020 and our goal is to create product value in 1 year.

Stage ­(2020-2021г.г.)­

Writing A White Paper. Building a marketing strategy. Public relations, involvement of volunteer promoters. Forums & SMM. The establishment of investor relations & involvement of shareholders. Conducting IEO and AirDrop. A selection of charitable foundations.

Stage ­(2020-2022г.г.)

Creating and managing communities. Listings on stock exchanges. Integration into the application for working with wallets and payments, such as SWIFT, Trustwallet, etc., e-wallets, exchange offices. Launch of the investment box. Preparing to launch a platform for collecting donations. Launch of a platform for collecting donations sent to charitable foundations for the treatment of children.

Stage ­(2022-2023г.г.)

Integration into the app for working with wallets and payment systems. Integration of the token into online casinos, bookmakers, gaming platforms, etc. Working with charitable foundations.

We are responsible for all our work and results. We thank everyone who believes in us.


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