Social project - Marketing
Token CashPay - Liza 

Total issue of 100,000 LZC

Reserve - 35,000 LZC (35%)
Marketing - 10,000 LZC (10%)
AirDrop - 5,000 LZC (5%)
Sale - 50,000 LZC (50%)
  • Private sale - 15,000 LZC (15%)
  • Public sale - 35,000 LZC (35%)

Liza is the daughter of Project...
Liza is a subsidiary coin of the project, and was created on January 3, 2022.
Token is needed to raise funds for the launch of a new 3 level marketing platform with a game slot, as well as to support the current project and tokens on the market.
If you are an investor or sponsor, write to us, your help is needed. Liza (BEP-20) is a Binance Smart Chain token standard that extends the functionality of ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens, allowing you to transfer your tokens between different blockchains and beyond.

"The ability to wait is important for an investor, but many people just can't stand waiting. If you can't put off the pleasure for later, you will have to work very hard to overcome this disadvantage".



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