LizaCoin & MetaMarketing

Total issue of 100,000 LZC

  • Private sale 5,000 (5%) - PAYMENT IN 24 HOURS.
  • Public sale 55,000 (55%) > Liquidity 41,250 (75%) - BLOCK from 90 to 222 DAYS
  • AirDrop - 5,000 (5%).
  • Marketing - 12,000 (12%) - 1 YEAR (1% EACH MONTH).
  • DEV & Team 5,000 (5%) - 2,500 (2.5%) and 2,500 (2.5%).
  • CEX listing 8,000 (8%) - BLOCK UP TO 3 MONTHS.
  • Metaprogram 5,000 (5%) - 6 MONTHS LOCKED.
  • Operating Costs 5,000 (5%) USED ON REQUIREMENTS.
  • Token issuance burning and modification, no provision.
> AirDrop - tokens are 5,000 (5%) used.
> The funds raised will be used to provide liquidity, marketing, listing on the DEX and CEX exchanges, for farming, etc.
> Crowdfunding will be done on DEX (on the platform).


KYC Liza Coin


AUDIT & Liza Coin

Liza Coin (BEP-20) is a Binance Smart Chain token standard that extends token functionality by allowing you to transfer your tokens between different blockchains, apply in marketing to attract new investors and project members, pay for services, receive a bonus and win from the game prize pool (game betting), and other financial transactions.
Advertising is not only the engine of commerce, but also the most convenient and fastest way to get information about all the variety of goods on the crypto market, and not only. Marketing is a tool. It is used to create and maintain demand, reputation, visibility and competition. As well as in many other things and LZC token is necessary to have for these purposes, thereby extracting profit itself.
The LZC token is needed to attract investments, promoters of all levels, and the launch of a metamarketing platform with farming and betting on races, through which the promoter movement, community activity and token holders will be expanded in order to generate profits.

The ability to wait is important for an investor, but many people just can't stand waiting. If you can't put off the pleasure for later, you will have to work very hard to overcome this disadvantage.


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